More about our special donation programs

Our Northampton Survival Center provides a lot of special programs, besides regular monthly food donations. Find out more about each programís mission and use the chance to participate in it either as an individual who needs to get our assistance or a volunteer who wants to join our Center and make the great contribution to somebodyís life. Programs provided in our Survival Center are listed here.

Currently we have eight special programs, which are the following:

  • Kidsí Summer Food Program: The idea of this program is to provide children with all necessary food for the period of their summer holidays. During ten weeks kids from 18 communities are going to get food packages for free. It is possible to get food visiting our locations both in Northampton and Goshen.
  • Fresh Dairy Progam: The program has started in 2013. We cooperate with the local dairy farmers to provide families with the healthy fresh milk, which is especially useful for kidsí breakfasts with grain cereal.
  • Thanksgiving: All our clients are able to enjoy getting additional items during November. The packages usually include all food traditional for the Thanksgiving: potatoes, squash, cranberry.
  • Birthdays: Besides the regular monthly food packages, each client is offered to get a cake on his\her birthday.
  • Cloth Bags: This program has started after the acceptance of the policy Single Use Plastic Bag Ban, which was accepted in 2016. Following this policy, we encourage our clients to bring re-usable cloth bags for their food packages.
  • Personal Care Items: In case we have some items for personal care available we offer our clients to choose one item every month.
  • Clothing: Our clients are able to choose clothes visiting our Center every week.
  • Pet Food: We support not only our clients but their cats and dogs as well by providing them with a bag of dry food for each pet.