Secret Tips for Choosing the Right League of Legends Champion

In League of Legends, you can choose from more than one hundred and ten champions with unique skills, appearance, and history. The abundance of choice may initially overwhelm you but do not worry: follow the tips below. You will be able to find a champion who will allow you to play the way you want it and win at if making the right choice.You can sort the champions by their roles and other parameters.

You can set up champion filters by choosing different roles or entering names in the search box. You can also determine to which set of champions you will apply filters, for example: to purchased or not purchased champions. After applying the filters, the champions that meet your requirements will be displayed below the filter bar. You can even use a text filter on the champion selection screen.

What Is the Ability of Champions to Adapt?

How many roles can a champion play? Many champions can play more than one role, depending on the set of items collected during the game. The shooters are the only ones who, as a rule, do not adapt too well to other roles, but the border between warriors and tanks, for example, is rather blurred. Some tanks and even magicians play well as champions of support (for example, players often choose Alistar to play the role of support). And on the contrary - some champions of support turn out to be quite good magicians with proper selection of items. It is even more difficult to characterize the killers unequivocally, since some of them focus exclusively on single targets (for example, Le Blanc), and some (like Katharina) are also capable of inflicting crushing damage on the area.

Given the number of items currently available in the game, there are also almost countless sets of items, so it’s impossible to list them all for each of the champions. Of course, you should experiment and try new combinations. This can help you find the right balance you need for your individual playing style. And be sure to try to create some of their sets of items to grab them later on the Fields of Justice!

How to Make the Right Choice?

Before you spend your money on a champion, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you like what this champion looks like?
  • Do you like his/her story?
  • Do you like the images you can get for this champion?

If you answered «Yes» for 3 times - then go ahead, but keep in mind that it is almost meaningless to force yourself to play for this or that champion solely because of his or her skills or current playing balance. Do not expect that certain skills will remain unchanged for a long period of time! If you want to learn more about the history of the champion, go to the game client, click on his or her portrait on the "Champions" tab and select the "History" item in the menu on the left. You can also find out how useful his/her skills will be in battles.