What Do Most Men Love in Sex?

It is generally believed that sex is not as difficult for men psychologically as for women. But in fact, this is not entirely true. What happens in bed, directly and very deeply affects the feelings of a man, is inextricably linked with his self-esteem and self-awareness. Men also have weaknesses that they donít talk about, but which are worth knowing in order to better understand them.

Men Love Erotic Fantasies

One of the best things a woman can do for her partner is to frankly share her sexual fantasies with him, listen to his fantasies (without judging or ridiculing him) and try to bring them to life together. So what role-playing games to be! Paradoxically, but passionately desiring to realize their fantasies, men can be terribly embarrassed by them and afraid to open up, so it is possible to challenge a man to such frankness only by winning his trust and honestly sharing his erotic dreams with him. There are no men who have never thought about upskirting or downblouse.

So, if you want to satisfy all his sexual fantasies to the full extent, make it so that he thinks you donít know that he is watching you while having bath or when you change clothes. Men like visiting voyeur sites because it gives them much pleasure. Today, there are a lot of opportunities to live out your fantasies thanks to sites with the videos for every taste. Itís normal to like watching girls on cameras and get arousal from this. But itís better to do this online at the protected site.

Men Like to Be Praised

Not only women love with ears, men also like very much compliments, especially if these compliments concern the intimate sphere. Men are pleased to hear and realize that they are sexy, excite desire and passion. And although representatives of the stronger sex are less than women worried about their appearance, they are also concerned, and most of all - the appearance and size of their dignity. It is better to convince a man that his cock is the best and most attractive in the world, then he will be confident in his abilities and will show more enthusiasm in bed, which will lead to mutual pleasure.

Men Crave Affection and Touch

As a rule, the penis receives maximum attention during sex, and, of course, this is the most sensitive male part, but not the only one. Men have many erogenous points on their bodies, and they will be very pleased if women pay more attention to them. The inner surface of the hips, buttocks, testicles, neck, ears and nipples are very sensitive areas that are ideal for caressing. After all, men try to give pleasure and caress the entire female body - so why should women not do the same?